e6tensors is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


A Mathematica package that provides explicit matrix expressions for group theoretic calculations in E6.

May, 20
The manual is now on the arXiv. If you use E6Tensors for you work please cite arXiv:1605.05920.

March, 18
A first version of the package is already available in the project's download section. A paper with a manual will soon appear at the arXiv.



Download version x.y.z at the dowload page. Extract the tarball
tar -xzf e6tensors_full-x.y.z.tar.gz
The contained file "E6Tensors.m" is ready for usage in Mathematica. Mind that is has a size of roughly 150 MB. Therfore, be sure to provide enough RAM for Mathematica. See the "examples.nb" file for some neat examples.


This version has the advantage of a smaller download size. Download it at the dowload page and extract the archiv
tar -xzf e6tensors_full-x.y.z.tar.gz
Switch your working directory to
cd e6tensors_small
and enter the following command. This may take some time!
If your Mathematica command line version is not called math, you should change that in install.sh. The script calls Mathematica and runs create_E6Tensors.m. If you want to use more than one CPU change
in create_E6Tensors.m to the right value. Be sure to provide enough subkernel licences. On an i5 quad-core machine using four subkernels this installation takes about half an hour.
Now, your version is perfectly equivalent to e6tensors_full.